VRAI Cosmetics has officially launched on March 15 2024 

Makeup has the power to draw boundaries and set standards that quite literally change how you show up in the world...and how others respond to you.” - Melissa Poepping

It truly is everything we have ever dreamt of and could ever possibly imagine.

Until that is.... the vision will expand once again.

Which it will.
Because, it always does.
But for now...  VRAI cosmetics has officially launched on March 15 2024
For you.
For me.
For us.

VRAI is a French word, pronounced: VRAY. VRAI means true.”

All VRAI ingredients meet or exceed European Union Commission Standards, the most stringent in the world, and are deemed safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Agency.

The launch of the various  VRAI Cosmetics are being staggered through the year.  This page will be updated as products become available.

Oh the treasures that are on the horizon!  This is the official list of what is in studio production.  There are no estimated arrival times at this point, so please stay tuned!

Eye Shadows
Honey Lip Oil
Hydrating Bergamot Lip Balm
Lengthening Mascara
Line Erase Serum
Lip Plumper
Lipsticks and Lip Glosses
Loose Mineral Foundation in Dark 2 and beyond

The Eye Primer  
An absolute staple for your cosmetics routine. 

This long-wearing formula is enhanced with Sodium Hyaluronate to nourish and hydrate, and aspen bark extract to absorb excess oil. 

Lightly tinted with earth elements for a sheer coverage to wear alone, and always as a primer base for eyeshadow. The result is a well-rested appearance that brings the true pigments of your eyeshadow to life while remaining flawless throughout the day.

Correct minor imperfections, conceal uneven skintone, and capture the true hue of your eyeshadow with one perfect product.

• absorbs excess oil 
• nourishes and hydrates 
• conceals imperfections and uneven skintone
• creates a well-rested look 
• masks redness 
• enhances true hue of eyeshadow when worn as a base 
• buildable to wear alone for a more natural look 

It's going to be your best kept secret to eyeshadow that looks in the evening, like it did in the morning when you first applied it.
[ available March 15 2024 ]

The Gel Eyeliner 

Ladies, meet your new obsession. 

• Intensely pigmented
The deepest black 
• Long wearing
• Emotion proof

And, a complimentary brush to ensure you can create the most precise lines with confidence.   Use the long angled edge to imprint the perfect outline for a winged look or, the short edge to create an effortless classic line. 

[ a note from Melissa ] 
I tip-toed with great trepidation into the world of gel eyeliners.  I had long loved the looks I could create with loose minerals using a foiling method, I had played around with liquid pens and often longed for the ease of a pencil.  I was determined to master gel and bring this option into the VRAI lineup.  

I spent an entire year searching for the perfect applicator brush, and tried endless options presented.  

I tested various formulas.  

I swam, I cried, I worked out, I celebrated,  I slept with perfectly winged eyeliner applied... how else can one properly test a new product?

I refuse to settle for a product that is anything less than "obsession level" before putting the VC signature on it.

The Gel Eyeliner has now become my daily go-to product for creating a defined look.

I am confident you are going to love this product as much as I do. 

If you are new to Gel Eyeliner, practice your technique. Be patient with yourself... and as you test your skills, keep your coconut oil and cotton rounds close by because once you apply this product, it's with you for the day.  

Always cleanse the brush fibers after application.

Gel eyeliner can become dry quickly, be sure to promptly secure the cover after application to prolong use. 

[ available March 2024 ]


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