“Find your Bling”
is a collection of 800-cards created by Angie Rassi, that you intuitively select. The messages on the cards help you to think about what you truly want and guide you on a path to finding your answers. The cards are designed to help you gain insights, clarity and life direction on a question you want answered in a particular area of life. e.g. What do I need to know about ……? or How can I …….?

Once you have your question, you're ready to start to play the Find Your Bling Game.  

The game consists of: 

* a board, 
* 8 Decks of 100-cards
* 8 Divine Cards (that explain more about each respective deck)
* 8 Coloured Diamond Playing pieces
* An 8-sided Dice

You can play the game by yourself, or in pairs or with up to 8 people.  You'll share your question with the people you're playing with.  You'll each choose one of the coloured Diamond Playing Pieces, and place it on the corresponding "Shine Line" (see video below).  Then roll the 8-sided Dice and you'll move your Diamond piece clockwise around the board according to the number rolled on the dice.  Once you land on your number of spaces - see what colour it is, read the corresponding Divine Card (so you know what the deck is all about), then shuffle the relevant deck and choose a card.  Take some time to discuss how the card you've chosen relates to your question.

As you go around the board you'll probably collect between 8-12 cards from the various decks.  These cards will help you to gain more insights & clarity about your question.  When you finish the game, revisit all the cards you've collected and see which was your biggest takeaway from the game.
Some cards will give you more awareness, or inspiration, other cards will ask you a question to take you to a deeper level of understanding.

The Find your Bling Decks include:

BELIEVE - Believe that anything is possible.
LOVE - Love heals everything
INSPIRATION - Inspired ideas change everything.
NEW BEGINNINGS - Embrace a fresh start
GROWTH - Grow your gorgeousness
DIAMONDS WITHIN - Magical affirmations
GOLD LIGHT - I am …….
BLING BOOST - Yes you can …….

How to play the Find your Bling game.

Learn how to play Find Your Bling with the Creator of the Game - Angie Rassi

Elevate your brilliance, gifts, talents and awareness. 
Purchase & Play the game with family & friends 
as you help each other to shine.


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