Chat with Cari - International Women's Day - March 8 2023

Grab your notepad, because in today's Chat we welcome back Amma Primicino, Julie Jones, Rhonda White and Shirley Dalton to chat about Women who have Influenced them and why.  There were some awesome influences that shone brightly in our group.

Chat with Cari - Fitness, Nordic Walking and Fitness with Poles with Barb Gormley

In today's Chat - the lovely Barb Gormley from CustomFit Nordic Walking chats about:

  • the importance of maintaining physical fitness as we age.
  • her passion for Nordic Walking and how it differs from hiking, and
  • creating "Fitness with Poles" online classes during the recent pandemic.
Here's the link to the full video we shared on the Chat.

You can contact Barb and learn more about Nordic Walking and Fitness with Poles at:

Chat with Cari - It's the Month of Love (Feb 2023)

Today I chat with the lovely Amma Primicino in London, England about the Month of Love.  We bring awareness to the different types of love - e.g. Romantic, Parent/Child, Siblings, Friends etc. and we consider Unconditional Love from the point of view we are currently in.

Chat with Cari - How to get stuff done with flow - with Julie Jones from Ocean Flow Productivity

In today's Chat with Cari - Julie Jones from Ocean Flow Productivity chats about "How to get things done with flow".  We discussed 

  • Julie's passion for productivity and helping others be successful with their respective productivity challenges.
  • Why she's chosen the Ocean as her theme, and
  • The main thing she finds most people struggle with.
Julie can be found at: 

Chat with Cari - Why we do what we do with Amma Primicino

In our first Chat with Cari for 2023 - Amma Primicino and Cari chat about "Why we do What we do". 

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