During the Life & Empowerment Coaching sessions some “Find your Bling” guidance may be offered. Find your Bling is a collection of 800-cards that you intuitively select. The messages on the cards help you to think about what you truly want and guide you on a path to finding your answers. The cards are designed to help you gain insights, clarity and direction on a question you want answered in a particular area of life. e.g. What do I need to know about ……? or How can I …….?
Some cards will give you more awareness, or inspiration, other cards will ask you a question to take you to a deeper level of understanding.

The Find your Bling Decks include:

BELIEVE - Believe that anything is possible.
LOVE - Love heals everything
INSPIRATION - Inspired ideas change everything.
NEW BEGINNINGS - Embrace a fresh start
GROWTH - Grow your gorgeousness
DIAMONDS WITHIN - Magical affirmations
GOLD LIGHT - I am …….
BLING BOOST - Yes you can …….


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