I’m inspired by the yogic teachings from the Krishnamacharya lineage, I also incorporate wisdom gained from other teachers such as Donna Farhi (NZ), Judith Lasater (USA) and Gary Kraftsow (USA).

As a Yoga Teacher/Therapist of 20+ years, I specialise in teaching one-to-one yoga practices that are personalised to suit your specific needs. One-to-one yoga tuition is currently offered via online consultation by appointment only. You may wish to consider a one-to-one yoga consultation if you have special health requirements that could benefit from a focussed yoga program designed for your unique needs.

I am also a Certified Aroma Yoga® Teacher, where I combine Polarity Balancing Exercises & Yoga Practices with Young Living Essential Oils. I have found that using Young Living’s high grade essential oils throughout the Yoga practice, amplifies all the positive effects that Yoga has on the body, mind and spirit. They also help to harmonise, balance and deepen your connection to your true self.

Over they years I’ve had a strong interest in movement and a natural curiosity of how the musculoskeletal system supports or hinders our movement - I was honoured to teach basic Anatomy on Yogic Wisdom's 350-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Lake Macquarie, NSW for 5-years.
A firm believer of the many benefits that yoga provides, I am committed to teaching yoga via one-to-ones and workshops for the following:

• Back care
• Breast cancer
• General women's health
• Rehabilitation from chronic Illness
• Stress reduction

Gain access to my Rest, Renew, Rejuvenate series of restful moments.

NSW Australia 

I call on your teachings regularly in my life. Often when I’m swimming. You taught me to focus, relax and not to force my body into something, rather to work with how I am feeling. Magic, I swim better.

NSW Australia 

Cari is an intelligent, caring teacher and brings in all the aspects of yoga to every class, enriching our experience with warmth and compassion.

NSW Australia 

Thank you so much for your wonderful Yoga classes. I find they are always physically and spiritually uplifting and your weekly topics are uncannily relevant. Most of all thank you for your time, patience and concern with adjusting the activities so that I can continue to participate. You do this so graciously that I never feel reluctant to try as many movements as possible. Recently my orthopaedic surgeon remarked about the improvement in my mobility and demeanour over the last 6-months since I have been attending your classes. I have also noticed a considerable improvement in my concentration and in my ability to manage my pain levels. Looking forward to many more enjoyable revelations and continuing well-being.

NSW Australia 

Your classes were the best - I loved your attention to detail (and anatomy) and it just felt like you really had our best interest at heart. The relaxation at the beginning and end of each class worked a treat and I loved how you wove all the senses into your classes including of course chanting.

NSW Australia 

Cari, you are a gifted and charismatic teacher, with a beautifully modulated vocal quality and, to me, exuding yoga as so much a part of you that every lesson is different and very suitable to the mood and conviction of the class. I can’t tell you how much your teaching has meant to me and to all our close and happy class. ….. may you continue your inspiring vocation for many years.

NSW Australia

I have been doing individual yoga sessions with Cari for about 3 months. I feel fantastic. She has catered a personal program for me. I have become stronger and a lot more flexible. I feel more relaxed in my everyday life and my stress levels are not as bad as they were before I started yoga. It has been amazing how much yoga has changed my life. I would highly recommend yoga to anyone.


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