Chat with Cari - How to get stuff done with flow - with Julie Jones from Ocean Flow Productivity

In today's Chat with Cari - Julie Jones from Ocean Flow Productivity chats about "How to get things done with flow".  We discussed 

  • Julie's passion for productivity and helping others be successful with their respective productivity challenges.
  • Why she's chosen the Ocean as her theme, and
  • The main thing she finds most people struggle with.
Julie can be found at: 

Chat with Cari - Why we do what we do with Amma Primicino

In our first Chat with Cari for 2023 - Amma Primicino and Cari chat about "Why we do What we do". 

Chat with Cari - Rhonda shares how her new career found her

Sometimes what we seek is also seeking us.  In today's Chat with Cari, the lovely Rhonda White - Marriage & Funeral Celebrant, chats with us about how her new career found her.

Chat with Cari - Ask Amma & I anything.

In today's Chat with Cari - the lovely Amma Primincino and I decided to open the Chat up to you, to ask us anything.  We discussed:

  • What inspired us, and gave us great joy.
  • Times we've been angry and how we recalibrated our energy.
  • And we finished with a short "Find Your Bling" inspirational card reading.

Chat with Cari - Navigating Personal Grief and Loss

In today's Chat with Cari - the lovely Rhonda White returns to share her experience of navigating 9 personal losses over the past 10-years.  We talk about her self-care, the different types of grief/loss from moving city/country or changing jobs, to anticipatory grief of the loss of an envisioned future.  

In this Chat - Rhonda refers to NALAG (National Association for Loss and Grief) where she is a Volunteer Grief Worker.   

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